Natural, wilt-free and easy to care for: Baby’s breath flowers are collected from farms deep in Kunming Mountains. Using advanced Japanese preservation and drying technology, the flowers remain soft and colorful. This Baby’s Breath doesn’t need water, sunlight and fertilizer, it needs to be protected from the sun and won’t wilt and fall.

Reminder: After long-distance transportation, the flowers will fall off, which is a natural phenomenon. Before inserting into the bottle, please gently separate the flower branches and remove the fallen flowers, these fallen angels, please do not give it up, they can be used in crafting or continue to decorate your life!

Eco-friendly: Unlike artificial flowers, dried flowers are made from natural flowers that are 100% natural. BeerFingo follows a non-toxic process and does not use harmful chemicals to protect your baby’s breath. Since our dried flowers are naturally dried, each Baby’s Breath flower will be unbeatable and the color may differ from the picture.

Warm Space: This dried flower arrangement can bring warmth to any space and is perfect for home, shops, gift boxes, offices, weddings, restaurants, banquet decorations and photography props. Can be used for handmade, such as dried flower match, DIY glue, handmade account, etc.

Wonderful Gift: Flowers are like stars in the sky, full of love and pure love. It will brighten your life and make Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and other special events more memorable. Create a more romantic atmosphere for your house or party.


Material: Dried Flowers

Size: 30-40g