BEAUTIFUL HOME and WEDDING DECOR – Be ready for our attention-grabbing pampass grass to stand out in any room! Whether it be homes, offices, or weddings, our pampas grass fits effortlessly with boho, farmhouse, and modern style decorations!

80-IN-1 PACKAGE: The package contains 80 pieces of natural dried pampas grass, with a total length of 17in. It can also be easily cut into different lengths.

DECOR WITHOUT MAINTENANCE: Our dry pampas grass is easy to plume. Once it’s in the shape that you desire, you can place it in a vase and enjoy the decorative ambiance it provides for your home or office. There’s no watering or fertilizing needed.


Material: Dried Flowers


10 sticks * natural pampas

15 sticks * white pampas

30 sticks * reeds

10 sticks * white rabbit tails

10 sticks * white oats

3 sticks * lush pampas

2 sticks * lover’s grass