• For Your Daily Requirements: The perfect match for your coffee, milk or tea! Compared to other coffee mugs, the Coffee Mug not only fulfills your coffee needs, but also serves as a saucer for your snack cakes. This coffee mug set is sure to be the perfect addition to your new day!
  • Adorable Coasters: With creative coasters, they are a great decoration for your coffee table and you will enjoy your coffee.
  • Smooth and Easy-to-clean Glaze: The smooth glaze prevents coffee stains from remaining. Do not worry about coffee leaving stains after sitting too long. Ceramic coffee mugs can be washed with water or in the dishwasher, greatly simplifying your life and saving you time.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Drinkware Type: Mugs
  • Package includes: 1 cup + 1 saucer + 1 spoon
  • Size: Cup Diameter: 7.5cm, Height: 9.5cm; Plate: Height: 20.5cm, Width: 12.5cm