Plastic material: The imitation rattan storage basket is made of durable material. Dust-proof, moisture-proof, installation-free, large capacity, strong and smooth.

Multifunction design: Double handle design, easy to carry and move, strong bearing capacity. Supported by metal brackets on the edge, it is stiff and not afraid of pressure.

Application: The plastic imitation rattan design plus the appearance of wicker and the advantages of plastic. In addition to being placed in the living room and bedroom to place your things, it can also be used in the bathroom to store dirty clothes.

Maintenance method: The storage basket can be rinsed with water, and then dry it in the air. Or directly wipe the surface dust with a wet towel.

Suit for bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom to keep your daily needs.


Size: S: 27*21.5*18cm/10.6*8.5*7.1in

Material: Plastic

Color: Khaki